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Baptisms and Confirmations

Baptism (Christening)

Baptisms usually take place on designated Sundays at the 10.30am Sung Eucharist service. This is a joyful occasion when the whole church family gathers together to welcome their newest members. There is often more than one child (or adult) being baptised on each occasion. It is important that the newly baptised and their families feel part of the Christian community, as christening is just the beginning of living out the Christian life.

Here at Ely Cathedral we try to provide opportunities for you and your child to grow in your faith. There is absolutely no charge for baptism, it is a gift that the Cathedral offers freely and lovingly, but some people do like to give a donation to help towards the work and maintenance of this magnificent Cathedral.

To find out more about upcoming dates for baptisms please contact: Canon James Reveley

More general information about baptism can be found on the Church of England website: Christenings

Adult Baptism and Confirmation

Those who are of an age and maturity to make their own decisions about Christian faith, baptism is always available for those who were not christened as children. For adults and young people, baptism usually takes place shortly before, or at the same time as, confirmation.

Confirmation is the service at which those wishing to make a mature declaration of their Christian Faith do this publically and receive anointing and prayers from the Bishop. No fee is payable for these services.

More general information about adult baptism and confirmation in the Church of England can be found on their website: Adult Baptism / Confirmation

2024 Confirmation Dates
Saturday 30 March, 8pm (Easter Eve)
Sunday 19 May, 7pm
Sunday 30 November, 6.30pm (Eve of Advent)

Lantern Tower Octagon

Confirmation Booking Form

Download the Confirmation Booking Form