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For executors and solicitors

Paying a legacy gift to the Cathedral

All gifts in Wills are looked after by our Fundraising Team at the Cathedral.

Legacies for the specific benefit of a particular part of the Cathedral or purpose should still be sent to the Fundraising Team who will, of course, make sure that the funds are restricted for the purpose specified in the Will.

Electronic payment

Please e-mail and we will be pleased to share our bank details with you.

Payment by cheque

If you are paying by cheque please make the cheque payable to ‘Ely Cathedral’ and send it to:

Ely Cathedral
Chapter House
The College

We will be really grateful if you can include:

• the full name and title of the deceased
• their last address
• the executor's name and contact details

It is also good practice for an executor to notify beneficiaries as soon as possible. This will enable us to amend our records and ensure that future mailings are not sent out to the deceased.

We know that such things can be distressing.

If you have any queries about this, please contact

Collection of items

We don’t usually collect items unless there are exceptional circumstances. If an item of value or special interest such as stamp collections or artwork is left to the Cathedral these are valued and sold with the help of professional auctioneers or retail specialists. In this case, we would make special arrangements for collection or delivery.


Charities and Cathedrals are exempt from Inheritance Tax. This means that gifts to the Cathedral are ordinarily paid free of tax and are deducted from the estate before the tax is calculated.

Charities and Cathedrals are also exempt from Capital Gains Tax, so if an asset is sold as ‘bare trustee’ for the Cathedral, we can reclaim the tax. We can also reclaim Income Tax that has been deducted at source from the income of the estate.

The rules are complex, so to avoid the estate paying more tax than necessary, please get in touch with your solicitor or expert.

For information about tax on gifts in Wills, go to the HMRC website (UK)