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Sponsor a Chair

Sponsor a chair in loving memory

Contact the Fundraising Team on 01353 660305 or email for more information, alternatively

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From £250

Ely Cathedral uses Beech Howe chairs. They are an elegant wood and chrome design and are used in many cathedrals worldwide.

Each chair can have a plaque in memory of a loved one, or to denote the individual or community group that has generously sponsored the chair. (A word limit applies).

Beech Howe chair with arms

Sponsorship from £250 per chair

Sponsorship Conditions

  1. Once sponsored, the chair will remain the property of Ely Cathedral. Sponsorship of a chair does not entitle the sponsor to any special admission or seating rights.
  2. The chairs are designed so that they may be moved and stacked where necessary. There is, therefore, no undertaking to keep a sponsored chair in any part of, or position in the Cathedral.
  3. While the chairs are expected to last for many years and every effort will be made to avoid damage, there is no guarantee that any chair will be in the Cathedral indefinitely.