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Flowers for a week

Sponsor the Cathedral flowers for a week in loving memory

Contact the Fundraising Team on 01353 660305 or email for more information, alternatively

Click here to sponsor the flowers for a week

From £150

Throughout the year, flowers adorn the interior of Ely Cathedral. Their delicate and transient beauty contrasts with and enhances the majesty of the magnificent building.

£150 will pay for the flowers for one week, and will give you the opportunity to think of a special person who has, or had, a particular love of flowers.

Flowers for the week

Sponsorship of the flowers for the week from £150

Flower Sponsorship Conditions

  1. Once sponsored, the flowers will remain the property of Ely Cathedral. Sponsorship of the flowers does not entitle the sponsor to any special admission.
  2. Although we will try to accommodate specific dates, no specific guarantee can be made.