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Ely Catherdral


Canon Jessica's new book, Holiness and Desire, comes out on June 30. A rich mix of memoir, pop culture, culture criticism, with literature, scripture and theology, Jessica thinks about our modern relationship with desire, including sexual desire, in a world dominated by online global marketing of anything at all that anyone might imagine or want.

'This book knocks right through the various "official stories" which we tell ourselves, inside and outside churches. Reading it strengthens my feeling that the decline of Christendom has opened the way for a remarkable flowering of new avenues towards the faith'. - Charles Taylor, Templeton prize-winner and author of A Secular Age

'Profound yet simple; robust yet vulnerable. Reading it is like reflecting on life and one's own story in front of an amazing piece of art.' - Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester

'Martin's weaving together of scholarship, personal narrative, history and scripture is a faithful, needed and ultimately redemptive offering to us all. I received it as a gift and am grateful'. - Nadia Bolz-Weber, author of Shameless: A Sexual Reformation.

Bishop's Study Day - Holiness and Desire, led by Canon Jessica Martin

Three videos which discuss Jessica Martin's book Holiness and Desire, thinking about sexuality, scripture, Christian faith and consumer culture in relation to human longing and the desire for God.

Video 1: Scripture - with an introduction by Bishop Dagmar

Video 1 Handout

Video 2: Desire

Video 2 Handout

Video 3: Holiness and Desire

Video 3 Handout