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Planning your School Visit

We love welcoming schools into the Cathedral and offer visits for all key stages across a range of subject areas such as History, RS, English and PHSE as well as faith based trip and pilgrimages.

Our visits usually cost £4.50 per student for a half day (10am-12pm with 2 learning sessions) or £6.50 per student for a full day (10am-2pm with 3 learning sessions and use of our classroom for lunch).

You'll be able to find more information about the learning sessions we offer as well as the discounts that might be available for your school visit in our new Learning Brochure below.

Please contact us at for more information and to book. We look forward to welcoming you and your students!

If you aren’t able to come to us, then we are very happy to come to you! We can offer on-line lessons as well as roadshows to your school. Most of our sessions are available as roadshows and our on-line sessions are included on this page. Please contact us at for further information and booking.

Ely Cathedral Learning for Schools 2023 - 2024


Cathedral Building Risk Assessment

We have carried out our own risk assessment for children and schools. visiting the Cathedral This does not replace your own, but may be useful to you when you are writing yours.


Cathedral Centre Risk Assessment

We often use the Cathedral Centre for activities during school visits and for lunch. We have carried out our own risk assessment on the building which might be useful for you when you write your own for your visit to us.


Outdoor Activities Risk Assessment

Some of our activities, such as medicine sessions, take place outside. We have carried out our own risk assessment for these activities which might be useful when you are writing your own.


GCSE Religious Studies Revision Days

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GCSE History Site Study

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