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School Visits

We offer visits for all key stages and our subject areas include History, RS, English and PHSE as well as faith based trip and pilgrimages. All of the days included on this page can be adapted to suit the needs of pupils from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4.

Our visits cost £4.50 per student for a half day (10am-12pm with 2 learning sessions) or £6.50 per student for a full day (10am-2pm with 3 learning sessions and use of our classroom for lunch).

Please contact us at for more information and to book. We look forward to welcoming you and your students!

If you aren’t able to come to us, then we are very happy to come to you! We can offer on-line lessons as well as roadshows to your school. Most of our sessions are available as roadshows and our on-line sessions are included on this page. Please contact us at for further information and booking.

The Founding of Ely Cathedral

A day exploring the story of St Etheldreda and the founding of the original monastery in Ely.


The Saxons of Ely Cathedral

Explore the stories of the famous Saxons associated with Ely Cathedral and find out more about Saxon life.


The Normans

Explore the story of Hereward the Wake and find out more about how the Cathedral was built.


Monastic Day

Discover what life was like for a medieval monk during this immersive day at Ely Cathedral.


Medieval Day

Spend the day as a medieval pilgrim as you discover more about faith, food and pilgrimage in the medieval era.


Reformation Day

Spend the day as a Tudor exploring the causes and impact of the reformation.


Booking Enquiry Form

To book your day at Ely Cathedral, please complete the booking enquiry form and send it to