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We are passionate about our beautiful Cathedral and its history, and we want everyone to be able to learn more about it, whether you are able to travel to us or not.

We have created some useful videos to support you in teaching about St Etheldreda as well as Hereward the Wake and the siege of Ely in 1071.


Princess. Queen. Abbess. Saint. Follow Etheldreda from East Anglia to Fenland, from Northumbria and then to Ely where she established the first monastery here in 673AD. What was it like to be a Saxon princess? What choices did she have? How did she manage to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a Nun? Discover the extraordinary journey of Ely’s patron saint, Etheldreda, from Saxon Princess to Saint in this film commissioned by Ely Cathedral to celebrate 1350 years since the founding of the first monastery on the Isle of Ely. Written and performed by Time Will Tell Theatre.

St Etheldreda Emotions Graph Activity

This resource is designed to encourage active listening as students watch the Etheldreda film. Students can work individually, in pairs or small groups. Give each group a set of the 12 cards describing key events in St Etheldreda's life. Then, as they watch the film, they should place the cards on the graph to show the order in which they happened as well as how happy they think she was feeling at the time.

Supporting Resource for "Etheldreda"


Told through the stories of Edyth and Byrtha, two Saxon refugees from the harrying of the north, this film explores what it was like to live through the fall of the Isle of Ely to the Normans in 1071. It was created in partnership with The Clewer Initiative and Time Will Tell Theatre to highlight the treacherous journeys of refugees and the dangers that these people face on their journeys.

Sanctuary 1071 Learning Plan

This Learning Plan was designed in association with The Clewer Initiative and helps students explore the stories of Edyth and Byrtha in more detail.

Sanctuary 1071 Learning Plan

Edyth and Byrtha's Stories

This is the supporting resource for the Sanctuary 1071 Learning Plan

Edyth and Byrtha's Stories

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