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Lunchtime Concert - The Sanctus Project

13 June 2024, 13:10


Entry via Cathedral Visitor ticket or pass

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Join us for a lunchtime concert in the beautiful surroundings of Ely Cathedral from The Sanctus Project.

Kyrie - Adémar of Chabannes
Beata Viscera (Maria Virginis) (The Blessed Flesh of the Virgin Mary) - Pérotin
Ave Maria, O Auctrix Vitae (Hail Mary, O Source of Life) - Hildegard of Bingen
Plebs Devota Deo (People Devoted to God) - Adémar of Chabannes
Caritas Abundat in Omnia (Charity Abounds for All) - Hildegard of Bingen
O Vis Aeternatatis (O Power Within Eternity) - Hildegard of Bingen
Sortis Apostilicae - Adémar of Chabannes

Ian Close
Ian has been a professional musician and educator for over twenty years. He has performed at many levels throughout the industry, from function work, solo saxophone, big bands, wind bands through to being a featured soloist on radio/television cinema/theatre and touring with artists.

Dominic Beeton
Dominic learnt piano from the age of 4 and was trained as a classical pianist. He has been composing for film, television and new media for the last 20 years. He has released 16 meditation and jazz albums.