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Canon Tim Walters

Canon Tim Walters, Non-Residentiary Chapter, Ely Cathedral

Tim joined Chapter in 2018 and brings a wealth of business expertise to the organisation, having trained as an accountant and worked in the City of London. Following a career in various sectors of the Construction Industry, including Church and historic building restoration, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of a FTSE 250 business. This led to him becoming a Consultant specialising in strategic planning and organisational change in the Not for Profit Sector, in particular for NHS Charities, so he brings significant skills and knowledge in organisational governance, policy and finance management. Tim’s wife Diana, a Nurse Practitioner, is Treasurer of the PCC, a member of the Bishop’s Council and a Director of Diocesan Board of Finance.

Tim’s passion for the Church of England and its secure future is central to his basic tenets.