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Borrow Boxes and Trails for Parish Churches

The Ely Cathedral Learning Team have put together a package of learning resources available for use in your church or local schools. With easy-to-follow lesson plans and resources included, you and your church team can deliver high quality engagement with young people and families in your parish. Choose from Borrow Boxes to deliver lessons or trails to provide an event in school or your church. All sessions are planned by experienced R.E. teachers and are differentiated for various ages.

Borrow Boxes

Learning plans and all the resources that you need to deliver lessons on:

Bible Herstory - Introducing stories about Bible women who are often overlooked. Suitable for Key Stages 1 to 3.

Miracles and Parables - 6 R.E. sessions exploring the miracles and parables of Jesus. Suitable for Years 1 to 4.

Nativity Escape Room - Help the shepherds find their way to baby Jesus by cracking 6 puzzles based on the Gospel of Luke. Suitable for Year 1 to 4.

CSI Easter - Host an event day for young people to look at the evidence found on Easter Sunday. Suitable for Years 2 to 6.

You can download the overview plans for all these Borrow Boxes below.

Bible Herstory Overview Plan


CSI Overview Plan


Miracles and Parables Overview Plan


Nativity Escape Room Overview Plan



The Church as a Place of Worship - Follow the banners and complete the accompanying booklet to learn the significance of areas of the church. Suitable for Key Stages 1 to 3.

The Person of Christ - Investigate the identity, nature and role of Jesus through the "I am" statements in St John's Gospel. Suitable for Key Stages 3 to 4.

Sensory Easter Trail - An inclusive and immersive trail exploring the events of Holy Week through the senses. Suitable for all.

Joanna's Trail - Follow the banners and use the Reflection Rings to explore the first Easter through the eyes of Joanna. Suitable for families.

Nativity Trail - Hear the story of the first Christmas and complete the anagram scavenger hunt. Suitable for EYFS to Year 6.

Through Mary's Eyes - Using the accompanying Reflection Rings, engage with the Christmas story through the eyes of Mary, mother of Christ. Suitable for Year 2 to 7.

You can see an example of one of our trails below. Each trail contains a set of large banners and additional resources such as booklets for children to complete, worksheets and Reflection Rings. Our sensory trails come complete with scent boxes, talking tiles and tactile objects to help children to engage with the trail.

The Church as a Place of Worship Trail Banners


How do we borrow the resources?

To find out more about our resources and to book them for your church, email There is no charge for churches in the Diocese of Ely to borrow our resources. A typical loan would last between 2 - 4 weeks and you can collect and return your Borrow Box or Trail from the Cathedral Centre in Ely.