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Book studies with a difference!

What is "Chapters"?

Chapters is a group for home educated children who love to read and who want to delve deeper into the stories they engage with. Each term we look at a new book and use it as a spring board to find out more about all sorts of topics from Geography and the environment and from Maths to Philosophy. We meet fortnightly to discuss what we have read so far and then to explore the key themes through active and engaging workshops lasting around 90 minutes.

Is it only for excellent readers?

Not at all! We enjoy welcoming children of all abilities and skills sets to join in with our learning. Some of our students use audio-books to support them in accessing the text, some read independently and some read with support at home. There are opportunities throughout our learning sessions for children to choose which activities they complete as well as different options for how they present their learning.

What books do you read?

Previously we have read "Floodlands" by Marcus Sedgewick. We used this book to explore some local geography, think about environmental issues as well as considering issues around ethics and human rights. We have also read "The Iliad" and explored Ancient Greece. We found out about Just War Theory, explored different concepts of God, designed field medical packs for the Trojan War and considered the extent to which we are free to choose our actions. Last term we explored Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol" and considered life in Victorian London, the language of flowers, why we fear the future, and how we might try to control it, had great fun trying to learn the Sir Robert de Coverley dance and much, much more.

How do I join in?

Our next book will be "War Horse" by Michael Morpurgo. There will be 6 led learning sessions in the Cathedral Centre on:

11th January

25th January

8th February

22nd February

7th March

21st March

Each place costs £50 and includes all learning sessions, a copy of the book, a reading diary and all the resources we use during the learning session. Places can be booked by emailing

This group is best suited to readers aged 9/10+ and we will make sure that the resources help all children access the text, everyone is welcome regardless of ability. If you have any questions about next term, please contact us at

Places will be very limited next term as the group size is capped at 20 to ensure that everyone enjoys and excellent learning experience. If demand is strong we will consider creating a second group which will run at the same time as the first.