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Ely Cathedral


Power, Politics, Planet Worship, Prayer and Christian Formation

at Ely Cathedral Autumn 2019

In his book The Cost of Discipleship the great German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (who lost his life to the Nazis in 1945) speaks of 'the Visible Community'; those summoned to follow the Crucified Lord in the life of grace.

Jesus calls his followers 'salt of the earth' and says that, through them, the earth and all its goodness is preserved for those who appear to have nothing and to be valued as nothing by the powerful; the poor, the vulnerable, the weak.

As Jesus' disciples it is for us, too, to follow him in self-giving and self-sacrifice: to honour the forgotten, the ignored and the oppressed. We are 'the Visible Community', and we have an earthly task to be signs of God's kingdom here and now; to be lights of the world and to care for those with no defence. In our Autumn programme we explore the practical demands of the Gospel on our lives as we witness publicly to Christ in the realm of power, politics and planet.