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Ely Cathedral


Marriage is an important decision in peoples lives and by getting married at Ely Cathedral you are not only making your love for each other public in a magnificent, awe-inspiring building, you are also declaring your love for each other before Almighty God. Getting married in here adds an extra dimension to the vows made in the marriage service and we pray for God's blessing on your future life together.

For enquiries about Marriage at Ely Cathedral, please contact us at gro/lardehtacyle//sgniddew

Getting married in Ely Cathedral

At Ely Cathedral Baptisms take place throughout the year during the main Sunday Eucharist at 10.30am and there may be more than one child being baptised at this special service. This is a joyful occasion when the whole church family gathers together to welcome their newest members. It is important that the newly baptised and their families feel part of the Christian community as Baptism is just the beginning of living out the Christian life. Here at Ely Cathedral we try to provide opportunities for you and your child to grow in your faith. There are also opportunities to learn more about the Christian faith as an adult. You may wish to be baptised yourself or you may wish to affirm your own baptismal promises and commit more fully to live the Christian life in a special service of 'Confirmation'. We host a variety of worship here at the Cathedral and there are various ways you can get involved in Cathedral life. Please get in touch if you want to explore anything further and we'd be happy to chat.

There is absolutely no charge for baptism, it is a gift which the cathedral offers freely and lovingly, but some people do like to give a donation to help towards the work and maintenance of this magnificent Cathedral.

To find out more about upcoming dates for Baptism please contact the Canon Precentor, James Garrard on 01353 660335 or email gro/lardehtacyle//drarrag/j

For more general information about Baptism in the Church of England see: