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Virtual Ely Cathedral


Explore the Cathedral from the comfort of your home with a series of beautiful pictures and videos to help lift your spirits.

Virtual Gallery (22 images)

  • Image 1
    The Nave roof, Bishop's Garden (on the left) Cross Green (on the right) and the West Tower from the Octagon Tower © James Billings

  • Image 2
    Inside the Octagon Tower looking East down on 'The Choir' © James Billings

  • Image 3
    The Sun shining through the Octagon Glass © James Billings

  • Image 4
    Night falls over Ely. © Andrew Sharpe

  • Image 5
    Looking up underneath the Octagon © Andrew Sharpe

  • Image 6
    View down the Nave from the West Tower clock © James Billings

  • Image 7
    The 'Way of Life' sculpture under the West Tower © James Billings

  • Image 8
    Sunrise over Ely Cathedral

  • Image 9
    Ely Cathedral from The Park

  • Image 10
    Dawn over Ely

  • Image 11
    The Lady Chapel © Timothy Selvage

  • Image 12
    The Lady Chapel Vaulted Roof © Timothy Selvage

  • Image 13
    Carvings found in The Lady Chapel © Timothy Selvage

  • Image 14
    Bishop Alcock's Chapel © Timothy Selvage

  • Image 15
    Bishop Alcock's Chapel Vaulted Roof © Timothy Selvage

  • Image 16
    Inside the 'Swell box' of the Cathedral Organ

  • Image 17
    Looking up inside the West Tower Belfry

  • Image 18
    Inside the Nave roof void

  • Image 19
    2 of the 5 ancient bells of Ely Cathedral. In the 1760s the west tower was declared unsuitable for change ringing and so the frame was broken up and used to mount the bells in the windows. They can still be heard as the clock chimes. © James Billings

  • Image 20
    The clock mechanism high up in the West Tower, first built in 1812 it was redesigned in 1864. It drives three faces on the north, south and east (inside the Cathedral) sides of the west tower.

  • Image 21
    This passageway is one of the many that exist inside the west tower. When it was built it had 4 staircases at each corner and they were connected by a warren of passages, now only one of those staircases is used regularly.

  • Image 22
    Graffiti both new and very old on the back of the Angel doors in the Octagon Tower. In this picture you can see markings from 1944, but some of it is much older. You may have seen this if you have been on the Octagon Tour. © James Billings

With over a 1000 years of history to explore Ely Cathedral is a truly remarkable building. From the Octagon Tower, a unique wonder of the Medieval worldwith its spectacular lantern, to the stunning Lady Chapel, celebrated for its fine carvings and beautiful vaulted ceiling, there is so much to explore. We hope that we can welcome you back soon but in the meantime please enjoy the content of this page.