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Ely Cathedral has two shops

The Cathedral Shop

Located in the Cathedral at the West End of the Nave (you are welcome to come into the Cathedral shop without paying the Cathedral admission charge) offers a wide range of Souvenirs, Gifts, Jewellery, Greetings Cards, Christmas Gifts, Classical CDs, DVDs, Religious, Local and Guide Books.

Opening Hours

The Cathedral shop is temporarily closed due to the current lockdown.

The High Street Shop (Old Choir House)

Located on Ely's High Street offers an imaginative and extensive selection of Greetings cards, Pottery, Glassware and Jewellery.

Opening hours

The High Street shop is temporarily closed due to current lockdown.

For further details contact Penny Price - gro/lardehtacyle//ecirp/p - DDI: 01353 660319

All profits made from Ely Cathedral Enterprises Ltd sales help fund the life and work of Ely Cathedral.
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