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Ely Cathedral


Be part of a story which began in 673 AD ...

Worship is at the very heart of our Cathedral life. St Etheldreda founded an abbey on the Isle of Ely in 673 AD to reflect the glory of God, and with the desire that the acts of worship offered here should lift hearts and minds towards heaven. Music has always been the heartbeat of that worship. We want you to be a part of this amazing story and to help us keep this story alive.

A long tradition

Ely Cathedral Choir, which can trace its beginnings back to the time of King Canute, represents one of the oldest musical traditions in the western world - the English choral tradition, which is greatly admired for the high standards promoted by the daily schedule of worship at Evensong, and associated rehearsals.

A Choir for Cathedral, city and country

Our Choir is much in demand throughout the year for concerts, broadcasts, and recordings.

On top of that the Choir plays an ambassadorial role on tour, taking cathedral music to other parts of the world, representing not only the Cathedral, but the city of Ely and our country internationally. Since 1990 the Choir has taken the 'Ely Sound' to Rome, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Channel Islands, Gozo and Malta, Canada, Italy, France, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, and twice to the United States. And now, better still, Ely Cathedral Choir is online, to enjoy whenever and wherever you are in the world - free of charge via our YouTube page.

Join the journey

All of this is busy and demanding on the Choir and of course maintaining this wonderful music tradition costs money - over £350,000 a year. Donations make a real difference, and we are enormously grateful for them, but how many of us can contemplate a large sum? Now there is an easy way to be part of our story to create a lasting legacy to support our Choir. Just a small gift each month to our Lantern Choristership Fund can help keep the Choir singing out glorious music to delight, inspire, and uplift, and sustain our music tradition for future generations. Every gift made adds to this endowment fund, so no matter the size, your gift counts.

How to give

Reflecting the date of our foundation, we've set ourselves the target of building a group of 673 donors who can give a gift each month to the Lantern Choristership Fund. If you pay tax in the UK then remember you can also increase the value of your gift by 25% at no cost to you.

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