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At the start of the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, we set up a community volunteer scheme, to ensure that no one in our community was in need of practical, social or spiritual support.  Some of our volunteers shopped for those self-isolating or shielding themselves or members of their households, others kept in touch by phone and other means with people who were lonely or anxious.  Where ongoing prayer was wanted, people were held in prayer at Morning and Evening Prayer.  

Support continues.  Our LOAF shopping scheme, which has evolved from the shopping volunteer support, is there for anyone, whether self-isolating or not.  This is one way in which we are encouraging people to think about their lifestyles, and to adopt LOAF principles - local, organic, animal friendly, FairTrade.

We contribute to:

At Ely Cathedral, we are part of a diocesan group working to ensure that all our church communities are aware of modern slavery and exploitative working conditions in their local area, and know what to do if they suspect that it is happening.
Seminar on Modern Slavery and Exploitation Locally