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Clothing collection bin in the south west transeptOur support for people in need is currently focused in these directions: The third and fourth marks of mission are:
  • To respond to human need by loving service
  • To transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation

We believe that responding to human need through loving service is at the core of our outreach, both locally and globally. We recognise, however, the necessity to take seriously the 4th mark of mission, because it is in challenging unjust structures that we reduce human need. There is a difference between a narrow of view of politics, based on political party, and a wider view of politics, which is that it is about our collective life in our community and in our nation. It is not enough for us to contribute to Ely Foodbank, for instance, unless we also do what we can to ensure that there is no need for it.

We therefore support Christian Aid through the annual collection in Christian Aid Week, and by other fund-raising.

These marks of mission are at the heart of the work the Mothers' Union does.