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Published: 10 Sep 2019   updated: 11 Oct 2019

Two Canons from Ely Cathedral have contributed to a newly published book by Canterbury Press about Preaching. Jessica Martin and Victoria Johnson offer thoughtful reflections on the preaching life in 'Holy Attention: Preaching in today's Church' edited by Frances Ward and Richard Sudworth. Jessica reflects on the preaching of Lancelot Andrewes, a former Bishop of Ely and offers an address for the Three Hours of Good Friday. Vicky, a tutor for the College of Preachers, reflects on the power of preaching to transform the world whilst considering how preaching also shapes the preacher. She offers the text of what is known in Ely as the 'B flat sermon' for Christ the King, delivered with improvised organ accompaniment, and preached most recently at the Edington Festival of Music within the Liturgy.

Jessica and Vicky are members of the Littlemore Group of theologians, experienced contributors from a wide range of backgrounds - catholic, evangelical and liberal - weaving together theology, anecdote and reflection on practice as they share their passion for preaching.

They will both contribute to a preaching symposium in Ely on October 4, Gender, Power and the Pulpit