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Published: 13 Oct 2017   updated: 16 Oct 2017

UK's largest ever community artwork

This weekend, we are delighted to be one of the venues chosen to host the 'Great Community Mural', the largest piece of community art of its type ever produced in the UK.

Standing at 10m by 3m, the giant mural is on display for the Harvest weekend celebrations between 13-15 October. The mural features creative artwork submitted by churches across the UK, as part of specialist insurers, Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, annual Church Competition.

Michael Angell, church operations director at Ecclesiastical, said: "The Great Community Mural has been developed as a visual celebration of the relationship between church and community, with contributions submitted by parishes up and down the UK. We've been hugely impressed by the quality of the entries that we received, which showcase the incredible work that churches do in their local communities all over the country."

After receiving over 270 entries, Ecclesiastical combined the best pieces of art to create the 'Great Community Mural'. Michael Angell added: "We know that there is already a huge amount of work being done by churches all over the UK, however our research recently found that three quarters of UK adults couldn't name any of the activities that take place inside their local church other than regular services and religious festivals. We hope that this mural provides an insight into the vital and irreplaceable services that churches deliver on a daily basis."