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Published: 13 May 2016

One of the changes brought about by the 1999 Cathedrals Measure was the introduction into the governance structures of Cathedrals of a Cathedral Council. The Council's role is to 'further and support the work of the cathedral, spiritual, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical, reviewing and advising upon the direction and oversight of that work by Chapter'. It meets twice a year, receives the budget and annual report and audited accounts and discusses matters brought to it by Chapter and gives its opinion on such matters. Members of the Council include the Lord Lieutenant and representatives of Chapter, the Bishops Council, Diocesan Synod, College of Canons, Local government, education, and the cathedral congregation. Ely's Cathedral Council has ben chaired from the beginning by Sir David Harrison who, after 15 years is retiring, and we are hugely grateful for all that he has done not only in chairing the meetings but in supporting the life of the Cathedral and being such a splendid ambassador for the Cathedral. The Bishop is very pleased to be able to announce that the next chairman will be Baron Wilson of Dinton. Lord Wilson has recently retired from being Master of Emmanuel College, a post he took on when he retired as Cabinet Secretary in 2002 so he comes with considerable skill and diplomatic acumen among many other wonderful gifts. We are much looking forward to working with him.

The Very Reverend Mark Bonney

Dean of Ely