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Published: 15 Dec 2015

On the cold, wet, windy night of 12 December, sixteen of us, including Canon Vicky and her noble guard dog, Percy, slept out in the Galilee Porch to raise money for the Church Urban Fund. We were lucky. We had warm sleeping bags resting on carry-mats. We had access to a toilet and were safely enclosed behind locked gates. At 7am we were kindly provided with hot porridge, bacon rolls and coffee. Then we all went to our safe homes for a hot bath, a warm bed and a change of clothes. As I lay there that night I thought about those who sleep out every night, on their own, with no security, no roof over their heads, no hot food or drink, no friends to support them, no hot bath, no warm bed and no home to go to. As I write we have already raised over £10,000 to support the Church Urban Fund's transformative work with those who are homeless or suffering domestic abuse and violence. You can still give by going to: Thank you so much for all your support - Canon Alan Hargrave