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Ely Cathedral



Every year the Dean and Chapter invites choirs from all over the world to sing choral services at Ely Cathedral while the Cathedral Choirs are away on holiday or on tour.

Visiting choirs are required:

  • to be of a high standard
  • familiar with the liturgy of the Church of England
  • experienced in singing the Cathedral repertoire
  • to consist of twelve or more singers (sixteen if singing at Sunday Eucharist)  

Available Dates

Please visit our online calendar to see dates currently available for visiting choirs. We are currently accepting applications for visits until August 2022. Visiting choirs may apply to sing on dates which are blank, or marked "Click for more information". We make every effort to keep this list up to date, but please wait for a formal invitation from the Cathedral before making any firm plans for a visit to Ely. Please note that our term dates have only been confirmed as far as Summer 2020.

Click here to view the calendar.

We encourage applications from choirs wishing to sing for one service or longer periods, but during July and August we generally offer invitations only to choirs offering a whole week's residency.

Making an Application

To make an application, please contact Edmund Aldhouse, the Assistant Organist, at

Please note that the Assistant Organist deals only with music for daily services, and not with concert enquiries. These should be directed to Sallyann Ford in the Operations Department: gro/lardehtacyle//drof/s or 01353 660361

Please provide the following information:

  • The dates on which you wish to sing (free in the online calendar)
  • Some background details of your choir, including previous Cathedral visits
  • Always include the name of your choir and desired dates in the subject line of your email. Generic headings like "Visiting Choir" or "Singing at Ely" are confusing, as we deal with multiple enquiries, and may lead to a slower response.  

If your choir has not visisted Ely in the last five years we also require:

  • A reference from another Cathedral or similar institution OR
  • A recent recording of your choir taken live and including psalmody