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Ely Catherdral


Regional schools art exhibition

A joint project between Ely, St. Edmundsbury and Norwich Cathedrals has resulted in a unique and eye catching exhibition in Ely Cathedral involving pieces of art from seventeen schools from across the region.

Inspired by Ely's famous 'The Way of Life' sculpture by Suffolk artist Jonathan Clarke, school children have spent weeks a months creating pieces of art in the form of large mobiles, banners and sculptures, to be displayed as part of the exhibition entitled 'The Journey of Life'.

Tim Wilson, the former art adviser for Suffolk, and his talented team of art teachers ran a very successful workshop in September for teachers from the participating schools. These skills were then taken back to the pupils and over the weeks and months that followed they worked on the artwork and expressed through colour, shape and design, their thoughts and feelings about their own journey of life.

Jan munt, who is the Education Officer at the Cathedral is delighted with the project. "The exhibition is a culmination of many months work by seventeen participating schools. The artwork expresses the pupil's reflections, feelings and insights through shape, form and colour. It is a wonderful celebration of children's creativity and spirituality through the arts. The size, colour and quality of the exhibits have transformed the cathedral and the overall effect is striking".

The week long art installation starts from 24 June until 1 July at Ely Cathedral.


For further information please contact: Lesley Ann Thompson, Director of Communications 07930 918885

The Journey of Life - Schools' Art Exhibition (2 images)

  • Art Exhibition Image 1
    In the Galilee Porch

  • Art Exhibition Image 2
    Down The Nave