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Ely Catherdral


1 April 2014

More rescue hedgehogs are to be released in the grounds of Ely Cathedral this week. This joint project, spearheaded by Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity, began last year and was covered by BBC's Country File team who came to film the event.

The youngsters are initially being looked after by Cathedral staff until they are able to forage and care for themselves. All four of the autumn juveniles being rehomed in the grounds, have been electronically tagged so their movements can be monitored by staff at the conservation centre.

Natasha Ennew, spokesperson from Shepreth said "The grounds surrounding Ely are a haven for hedgehogs, with well established hedgerows providing ideal nesting opportunities and insect's galore. The staff at the Cathedral are dedicated to the project and by supporting this type of soft release, allow hedgehogs to naturally acclimatise into this period of their rehabilitation".


Image - Country Filming hedgehog release at Ely Cathedral in 2013 (Ely Cathedral Images)

For further information contact: Lesley Ann Thompson at Ely Cathedral 07930 918885
OR Natasha Ennew at Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity