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Ely Catherdral


21 July 2014

This August the Wreath of Respect will begin its seven day journey across the UK covering more than 1250 miles. Supported by the Royal British Legion, the wreath will be transported by bikers from across the UK starting at the National Memorial Arboretum to a number of cities including Glasgow, York, Liverpool, Cardiff, Plymouth and Oxford before returning to the National Memorial Arboretum on 24 August.

On Saturday 16 August, at approximately 1.30pm, the wreath will arrive at Ely Cathedral. At each stop the wreath will be laid to rest for a short period of time at Cathedral before being passed to another biker for the next leg of the trip. At Ely there will be a short act of thanksgiving and blessing to which all are invited. The wreath will then continue its journey to York Minister. Dougie Bancroft, the organiser of the Wreath of Respect Tour, says: 'We have all seen the amazing pictures from the D-Day landings and we feel that many people here would like to show respect too. The Wreath of Respect is a project that will be bring people together to say thank you to all those who have given so much.'

The purpose of this nationwide wreath tour is to honour and say thank you to all those who have suffered and died, not just in two world wars but in conflicts up to and including the present day. It is to acknowledge not just the pain and loss of service men and women themselves, but also of their loved ones.


For more information please contact Lesley Ann Thompson on gro/lardehtacyle//nospmoht/l or call (01353) 660350