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We continue to offer many popular on-line sessions for you and your students to access in school or at home. Each session costs £25+VAT for up to 97 log-ins. We'll send you a range of pdf resources to use with your students during and after the presentation. Our sessions include:

St Etheldreda: Session Plan
Join our story teller, Mildritha, as she explains the life and work of St Etheldreda. Children will enjoy an entertaining, costumed and interactive telling of the story and will finish their session by making a Saxon brooch or necklace fit for a princess using materials that they will have at home - a list of these will be provided a week in advance of the session. A comprehension task and "Design a Shrine" activity will also be provided for children to complete off-line.

Brythnoth: Session Plan
Join Eawynn, servant to Aethelflaed (wife of Brythnoth) as she tells the story of this great Saxon warrior and one of the Cathedral's oldest residents. Eawynn will talk to children about The Battle of Maldon and the great gifts that Aethelflaed gave to the monastery here after the death of her husband. Children will the learn about the epic poem, The Battle of Maldon, that records the deeds of Brythnoth. They will then find out about different types of poem, including Haiku and Sonnets, before creating their own Sonnet or Haiku about the deeds of Brythnoth. A follow up activity to create scenes for a tapestry of Brythnoth using either a paper-based cut and stick activity or a free web based application will also be explained to pupils so that they can complete it off-line.

I'm a Novice - Get me Out of Here!: Session Plan
Join a group of novice monks in the middle agesas they begin their journey to becoming fully fledged monks.You'll find out about their trials and tribulations through their diary room interviews where they will talk about their daily routines, food, work and vows as well as meeting their very strict Novice Master. Pupils will try their hand at illuminated lettering, one of the most important jobs the monks did and will be given a comprehension task to complete off line.

Preparing for Pilgimage: Session Plan
Join Alys, a medieval merchant's wife as she gets ready for her pilgrimage to Ely Cathedral. Alys will show children all the different things that she will need to pack, how she will find her way on her pilgrimage, the costs involved and why it is so important to her to carry out this pilgrimage to the shrine of St Etheldreda. After listening to Alys, children will be able tohave a go at designing andmaking their own pilgrims' badge. Alys will explain the work of Chaucer to the children and set them up on a written activity to create "The Ely Tales", each pupil will choose a character and write their own account of their pilgrimage journey to Ely.

Legends of the Fens: Session Plan
Settle down with a cup of ale at "The Merry Monk" and listen as the travelling story teller Millicent Greene tells tales of the Fens. She'll be telling you all about Tom Hickathrift who fought a giant. Children will learn that myths and legends are often told in order to help us understand why things are the way they are, using this information and a creative writing game, pupils will be supported in planning their own Legend of the Fens which they will then complete off line. Millicent's stories then take a darker turn, as children discover the legends of the Lantern Men and, of course, Black Shuck. Pupils will then be set up with a task about Woodcut Printing, enabling them to create their own paper print telling the story of St Mary's Church in Bungay using their own print plate.

The Tumbling Tower STEM session: Session Plan

From 7 June we are looking forward to welcoming schools back to the Cathedral. We'll be offering all our usual visits as well as our "Back to School, Back Together" activity days. To keep everyone safe, we'll only be welcoming one school per day and will aim to carry out as many activities as possible outside in our beautiful grounds.

For more information and to secure a risk-free booking please email