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Ely Cathedral has a wealth of stories, historical links and inspirational people for children and young people to explore. We aim to give every school a unique, hands on and engaging experience whether you are visiting us on site, joining us virtually or whether we are bringing our Roadshow to your school.

Visits to the Cathedral

We can't wait to welcome you back to the Cathedral from June 2021.

We'll have all our most popular sessions available, such as Monastic Days and the Story of St Etheldreda. However, we also have some exciting new sessions ready to go too including our escape room learning adventure Save Brother Wilfrid! where children can put their medieval medical skills to the test and our Back to School Back Together activity days where children can take part in reflective and team building activities as well as STEM or literacy focused tasks.

As well as our curriculum focused visits, we are also able to offer worship, reflective and pilgrimage days for schools, we will work with you to create the package the best suits the needs of your students. To find out more about what we can offer please email us at gro/lardehtacyle//gninrael and we will be happy to put a fantastic day together for you.

We currently charge £4.50 per child for a half day (1000-1200) and £6.50 per child for a full day (1000 -1400).

Worship, reflection and pilgrimage days are offered for free though a suggested donation of £3 per child would be very welcome.

Virtual Sessions

If you aren't able to join us here at the Cathedral in person, why not link up on-line? We are able to offer some of our most popular sessions and visits in a virtual format. Each session costs £25 +VAT and can be accessed by up to 97 different devices. We are able to offer the following sessions on-line.

St Etheldreda: Session Plan
Join our story teller, Mildritha, as she explains the life and work of St Etheldreda.

Brythnoth: Session Plan
Join Eawynn, servant to Aethelflaed (wife of Brythnoth) as she tells the story of this great Saxon warrior and one of the Cathedral's oldest residents.

I'm a Novice - Get me Out of Here!: Session Plan
Join a group of novice monks in the middle ages as they begin their journey to becoming fully fledged monks.

Preparing for Pilgimage: Session Plan
Join Alys, a medieval merchant's wife as she gets ready for her pilgrimage to Ely Cathedral.

Legends of the Fens: Session Plan
Settle down with a cup of ale at 'The Merry Monk' and listen as the ale wife, Millicent Greene, tells tales of the Fens.

The Tumbling Tower: Session Plan
Poor Lettice, she's just started as a lay servant at the monastery and the tower has fallen in! Join her to find out more about the building of the Octagon Tower.

Hereward: Session Plan
Join Edyt and Bridget by the fire as they discuss the fall of Ely and their very differing views on Hereward the Wake!

For more information, to book or to discuss a more bespoke package for your school, please email us at:


We understand that it is not always easy for you to come out to us, so we are happy to bring the Cathedral to you! We are able to offer many of our most popular sessions as roadshows such as our Pilgrimage sessions and our Saxon Saints session.

We are also able to bring our fully resourced labyrinth to you to help your students with more reflective and spiritual activities. For example, we have a labyrinth activity for KS1 children based on the book "The Colour Monster" to help them understand different feelings and emotions.

Roadshows are available for £150 + VAT for a half day and £200 +VAT for a full day.

Our reflective labyrinth activities are available for a suggested donation of £150 per day.

For more information about roadshows and the labyrinth please email us at gro/lardehtacyle//gninrael