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Sadly, we are unable to welcome you into the Cathedral for our Podshops at present. However, we are delighted to be able to offer you a range of online Podshops over the coming months.

We have had to change the schedule slightly and adapt what we do, but each Podshop still includes a costumed presented and a pack of resources to help you discover more about the topic during and after the session.

The price is £4.50 per log on and sessions are all suitable for 6 - 11 years olds

Our revised schedule is as follows:

8 February - Love and Chivalry in medieval times
Join Alianor, a high class medieval lady as she looks forward to St Valentine's Day. She will be explaining how the saints day became associated with love after Chaucer published "Parlement of Foules", as well as helping us all understand what chivalry is and how we can become more chivalrous! Read the first recorded Valentine, sent from the Duke of Orleans to his wife whilst he was imprisoned in England, and have a go at designing and writing your own chivalrous valentine.

22 February - The Tumbling Tower
Discover the story of the tumbling tower and how it was rebuilt by Alan De Walsingham. Hear from Alan about how he solves the problem of tower to create one of the medieval wonders of the world. Experiment with different structures to see why he built the tower as he did and consider how the monks must have felt as their world came tumbling down.

8 March - Hereward the Wake
Discover the story of Hereward the Wake and the fall of Ely to the Normans. Hear from Hereward, Abbot Thurston and the Norman general to find out who did what and to who! Decide who you think was in the right and explore how history can help us understand the present when you find out more about Ely as a place of refuge during the Norman Conquest.

22 March - Medieval Easter with Ellyn
Find out how medieval people prepared for and celebrated Easter. Ellyn will demonstrate the food that would be eaten, the games that would be played and the decorations that would have been made as well as the key religious observances. You'll be able to try your hand at egg decorating and bake your own barley bread ready to give out alms on Maundy Thursday.

12 April - Pilgrims of Ely
Alys prepares to go on pilgrimage to Ely - but what will she need to take with her? Discover how our medieval ancestors used to prepare for pilgrimage and why it was so important for them to go on these journey's. You'll find out about Chaucer and the stories that he write about pilgrims before creating your own "Ely Tale".

26 April - Cromwell
A supporter of Cromwell and a supporter of the recently deceased King explain what has happened in England and what's about to happen at the Cathedral. Decide which side you would have been on and look for evidence that Ely Cathedral was, as Cromwell accused, too Catholic. You'll also find out about the mystery of the missing brasses

More dates and titles to be released soon!