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Jerusalem Challenge

Bible Passage: Pslam 125:2

"As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people both now and forevermore."


Create your own model, map or picture of Jerusalem during the last week of Jesus' life. You will need to include:

Inside the City: The Temple, A house for the Last Upper, The high priests house, Pontius Pilate's house.

Outside the City: Mount of Olives. Golgotha with 3 Crosses.

This website might help you out with ideas:


Take some time to think about the Bible passage, what does it mean to you? Think about the idea of God surrounding all people, it sounds a bit like a hug doesn't it? Create a paper hug - a long strip of paper with a hand at each end. on your hug, write down any words, draw any pictures or colour any colours that come to mind when you think about the passage you've read or heard today. You could even write a prayer on one of the hands using the 5 finger prayer model. Keep your hug safe in a journal, box or jar (or wherever you want to keep it safe) - unless you know someone who you think could do with your hug!