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Teachers and helpers are free! This includes the organisation of timetables, resources used and the services of guides for the day. We provide everything for a perfect visit - we just need you!

Schools will be invoiced after their visit, based on the numbers of pupils booked unless we are informed otherwise on the day of the visit.

Guided tour (approximately 1 hr).
Can be tailored to your needs.

£3 per pupil

Half Day visit. Includes a tour and workshop of your choice, usually 10am - Midday
(or 1pm, if you choose to stay and eat here)

£4 per pupil

Whole Day visit, usually 10am - 2.30pm

£6 per pupil

Labyrinth brought to school / Cathedral Roadshow

£3 per pupil, minimum charge of £175

Tour of the Octagon or West Tower
(max. 12 people, from Year 6 )

£7.50 per person including adults

Joint visits with Stained Glass Museum
and / or Ely Museum

Arranged on request, varying per session depending on materials used etc.

School Worship or Reflection Day in the Cathedral

Donation at school's discretion

Seasonal / one off sessions

As advertised

Coach travel

We understand that travel costs can be prohibitive. Please contact gro/lardehtacyle//gninrael if your school needs support to make the visit more affordable