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A new book club for 9+ / confident readers

Join our Learning Team to explore the world of "Floodlands". Through a combination of on-line and in person sessions, we'll be reading together and discovering more about what happens when England floods and a girl finds herself on Eels Island, run by a strange boy and his gang in the shadow of the Cathedral.

We'll be reading, discussing, writing our own stories and responding creatively to the twists and turns of this exciting novel!

This activity is open to all children, however, the book is best suited to confident readers.

£15 per term (includes a copy of the book) On sale from 2 August.

Chapters will meet at 3.30pm on Monday 6 September in Powcher's Hall. Please meet by the South Door of the Cathedral. Meetings will then be on-line or in person at 3.30pm on Mondays during term time - a full schedule will be emailed to you prior to 6 September