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Ely Cathedral


29 June 2021 2pm

Join Alex Buchanan and Nick Webb from the University of Liverpool to learn about the findings of their Tracing the Past project in relation to the medieval vaults of Ely Cathedral.

Some of the most remarkable features of medieval works of architecture, particularly greater churches and cathedrals, are the ribbed vaults spanning their interior spaces. For over nine hundred years, they have inspired worshippers and visitors alike, their eyes drawn heavenwards by these captivating constructions, prompting the question 'How did they do that?'

No corresponding texts or drawings survive but digital methods now enable us to propose answers. The Tracing the Past project at the University of Liverpool, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, has spent the past seven years recording and analysing vaults in England.This lecture will introduce the project and share some of its key findings in relation toEly Cathedral.

The lecture will take place for an hour from 2pm via Zoom. Free but advance booking is required through Eventbrite 

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To find out more about the project: