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Ely Cathedral


20 August 2020 11am

Discover the world of the medieval monks of Ely on a safari that explores how they lived, worked and practiced medicine.

We'll investigate the different buildings and their uses - from storing grain to putting up pilgrims and from feeding the poor to bleeding the sick! Children will be taken on an exploration of the different monastic building by an experienced member of the learning team and they find out more about the monastic lifestyle in the middle ages.

They will find out how the monastery supported itself, the local community and those people travelling through Ely.

They will also discover more about medieval medicine, the different cures, treatments and herbs that were used to cure the common ailments of the time such as fen auge. 

All children will receive a goody bag at the end of the safari with materials and resources to continue exploring the medieval world of the monks, including everything they need to make their own herbal pomander!

We meet by The Galilee Porch (Main Entrance to the Cathedral) 5 minutes before the tour starts.

Tickets - £3 per place must be pre-booked. Limited numbers.
2 sessions available 11am and 2pm.
Parent/Guardian - No charge for 1 accompanying adult. Please no more than one adult per child to ensure that we can maintain social distancing.

For further details telephone the Learning department on 01353 660332 or email gro/lardehtacyle//gninrael

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