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Ely Cathedral


Preparing stone at the quarry

13 August 2020 11am

Join the learning team on a safari as we seek out the gargoyles of Ely Cathedral. This interactive, led tour will take children outside the Cathedral as we find out more about the history, purpose and design of gargoyles. We'll be finding out about the legend of the first ever gargoyle - gargouille - as well as exploring the reasons why sacred buildings are so often decorated with images of demons and naughty nose pickers!

Each safari will last up to 45 minutes. Every child will receive a takeaway bag of craft and activities at the end so that they can continue to explore the world of gargoyles at home.

The tour is best suited to children between the ages of 6 and 11, but children of all ages are likely to enjoy finding out more about our friendly gargoyles!

Once you have booked, please download the pdf Gargoyle Safari Sheet for your child to complete during the safari.

We meet by The Galilee Porch (Main Entrance to the Cathedral) 5 minutes before the tour starts.

Tickets - £3 per place must be pre-booked. Limited numbers.
2 sessions available 11am and 2pm.
Parent/Guardian - No charge for 1 accompanying adult. Please no more than one adult per child to ensure that we can maintain social distancing.

For further details telephone the Learning department on 01353 660332 or email gro/lardehtacyle//gninrael

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