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Special Interest Tour - Traces of the Military in Ely Cathedral


15 September, 11.30am
10 November, 2.15pm (Lunch on this date will be at 1pm - prior to the tour and following the Cathedral's Service or Remembrance)

A special interest tour highlighting how the type of memorial to the military in Ely Cathedral has changed over the years.

From singular commemorations of leaders, to inclusion of the rising numbers of individuals as modern warfare evolved during the 19th century and societal changes demanded more recognition of the sacrifice of people they knew and had a place in their community, as opposed to faceless numbers who died on 'some foreign field'.

During this tour, our guide will walk you around various memorials in the Cathedral, explaining what the connection is, the dedications and relevant history including:

HMS Walpole - a ship in the “Ship of the Fens”? why is it here?

St George’s Chapel - the Cambridgeshire Regiment, many dedications from World Wars 1 & 2, some illustrative histories of individuals named here and their place in the community.

Royal Air Force Hospital Ely window - including the City of Ely badge commemorating the Freedom of the City awarded to the Hospital in 1977 - history and role in World War 2, post war NHS role, and much later the Far Eastern Prisoner of War medical reviews.

Royal Air Force Bomber Command window - remembering the dead of four Bomber Groups based in East Anglia during World War 2, whose almost 20,000 names are recorded in the 4 roles of honour under the window.

What's included: Admission to Ely Cathedral, an hour and 15 minute guided tour, lunch at the Almonry Restaurant.

Tickets: £25 per person (for up to 10 people with a guide). Tickets must be pre-booked online up to the day before your visit, via the link on this page. This tour is not suitable for children.

Please meet your guide at the west end of the Nave, 5 minutes before your tour is due to start.