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Organ Recital - Ewa Belmas

18 August 2024, 17:15


Admission Free, retiring collection

A chance to hear the magnificent organ of Ely Cathedral played by Ewa Belmas.

Harry Potter and the Wizarding Organ programme

Transcribed and performed by Ewa, these works by John Williams are taken from the film adaptations of the world-famous adventures about the boy wizard Harry Potter, conceived by the prolific author JK Rowling.

Music has a special place in the films: its presence alone symbolises the presence of magic. The viewer learns of this magic before even Harry himself; his inherited abilities accompanied and decorated by the score. It expands the boundaries of the quasi fairy tale landscape, including past and present, familiar and unfamiliar. It blurs the audience's perception of reality and yet strengthens the boundaries of the emotional, physical world.

1. Prologue
2. Harry's Wondrous World
3. Diagon Alley
4. Platform 9 3/4
5. Voldemort
6. Christmas at Hogwarts
7. Hogwarts Forever
8. The Philosopher's Stone
9. The Chamber of Secrets
10. Fawkes the Phoenix
11. The Flying Car
12. Gilderoy Lockhart
13. Moaning Myrtle
14. Dobby the House Elf
15. A Window to the Past
16. Double Trouble
17. Leaving Hogwarts

Ewa Belmas is a concert organist from Ukraine, known for being the organ soloist of the Rivne Philharmonic, Ukraine. During her childhood she was surrounded with a musical and folkloric atmosphere.

She studied piano at the Zaporizhzhia Art School and won several competitions. After receiving an electronic organ “Prelude” from the mayor of the city of Zaporizhzhia as a gift, she began to study the organ. From 2010, she continued her piano studies at the Mayboroda Music College in the city of Zaporizhzhia with Professor Ada Kazaryan.I n 2014, Ewa was accepted to the Kyiv National Music Academy to study organ performance with an Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Professor Galina Bulybenko.Ewa’s concert life started in the city of Berdyansk by the Azov Sea.

Since her first year she has given annual recitals at the Roman Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Ewa has also participated in master classes with A. Baal, D. Wilke, and M. Salerno. In 2019, she studied at the Akademija ZA glasbo Univerze v Ljubljani in Slovenia with Professor Renata Bauer. During her studies at the Kyiv Conservatory, Ewa participated in festivals and thematic concerts throughout Ukraine. In 2020, she received her masters degree with honours in organ performance from the Tchaikovsky National Conservatory of Ukraine and presented her thesis on organ transcriptions.

After delivering a successful concert tour of Denmark, she arrived in England in August 2022 and resides in Canterbury, Kent. This is providing the opportunity to build a more international career as a concert organist, working with churches, choirs and orchestras; expanding her musical skills and inspiring new repertoire.

2024 sees Ewa taking her new transcriptions of John Williams' music for the Harry Potter saga around the UK, Canada, Germany and Denmark.