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Mini Exhibition in St Etheldreda’s Chapel

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6 February - 31 December*

A small-scale exhibition in St Etheldreda’s Chapel highlighting the four key stages of the life of St Etheldreda, founder of Ely.

Born into royalty she started life as an East Anglian Princess and went onto become Queen of Northumbria before fleeing the King, her husband. She headed back to East Anglia where she took the veil and founded the great Abbey of Ely. She became known for living an austere life and died in Ely of an unsightly tumour on her neck in 679.

Having lived a truly pious life, and retained her virginity through two marriages, Etheldreda was made a saint following numerous accounts of miracles. Pilgrims still gather at the shrine of St. Etheldreda today.

* Please check for any changes to visitor opening hours here

St Etheldreda 2023 event booklet

We are celebrating the life and legacy of our remarkable Saxon Queen with a year-long programme of events, concerts, services and exhibits.


St. Etheldreda 1350

Celebrating 1350 year's of Ely's Foundation

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