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6 February 2023 - 20 March 2023


Discovering Ely Cathedral

Join us this Spring to continue exploring the history of Ely Cathedral. We’ll be exploring the lives of the monks who used to live here, why the Cathedral ended up with a hole in the roof, the people who visited on pilgrimage, medieval medicine and much more. You’ll meet a range of historical characters from Queen Philippa to Ellyn the Bishop’s cook as you take part in these interactive, hands on living history sessions.

9 January: Monastic Life and Work
Discover more about life in the medieval monastery and try your hand at illuminated lettering.

23 January: Medieval Medicine
Work with Brother Paul to find out more about how medicine was practiced in the medieval monastery before creating your own plague busting infusion.

6 February: The Tumbling Tower
Find out about how Ely Cathedral ended up with a hole in the roof and lend a hand in trying to find a solution for it as you build your own stronger, taller tower.

20 February: Pilgrims of Ely Cathedral
Meet Alys as she prepares to carry out her pilgrimage to Ely Cathedral. Find out why she's going and what she's packing before writing your own Chaucer inspired tale.

6 March: The Church in Medieval England

What was the role of the Church in medieval times and how did it help people? Explore the work of the Medieval Church and work out what tithes you owe.

20 March: Medieval Easter
Jin Ellyn, the Bishop's cook, to find out how she is getting ready for easter. Try traditional games and foods before decorating your own egg.

Sessions start at 1.30pm and run until approximately 3pm.

Sessions cost £5 per child and all resources are provided.

Meet at the Cathedral Centre (Opposite the Cathedral main entrance)

For more information please contact