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Design & Paint an Illuminated Letter Workshop

12 October 2023, 10:00


Tickets for this event have sold out.

Iceni Botanical Artists - One-day workshop in The Lady Chapel.
Suitable for all levels

Tutor: Tina Bone

Some people think “Illuminated letter” means turning the light on behind a script. But for this workshop it means choosing and drawing a letter of the alphabet in a particular style, which is meaningful to each student, and embellishing it with a nice floral design using traditional elements and patterns.

Students will compose a design in pencil on cartridge paper, then transfer this, via tracing paper, to hot pressed water colour paper. First the “gold” elements in the design will be filled in using a fine brush—normally 24ct gold leaf, but in this workshop will be metallic gold powder mixed with gum arabic. All elements of the design will then be outlined (using an ink pen or fine brush and dark water colour). Finally “body” colour is added to complete the illumination—a dash of white is added to each colour to give it a bit of “body” and make it more opaque.

Each stage of the design process will be singularly demonstrated then carried out by the students: 1. drawing a design; 2. tracing to good paper; 3. applying metallic gold, 4. outlining; 5. mixing and applying body colour.

Tina is a professional artist whose three main interests are botanical illustration, wildlife, and designing illuminations, both for exhibition or on commission.

Tickets: £40

Equipment List
Each student will need to bring the following:

Paper: A4 or 9” x 12” good quality smooth water colour paper or pad. 300gsm (140lbs) hot pressed cotton paper (available to purchase from the tutor on the day £1 per sheet).
(F, H and HB), Eraser (soft or putty rubber) and a ruler
For outlining, an Ink Pen:
any ink pen with a fine tip such as a Staedtler pigment liner, nib size 0.05 (or outlining can be done using dark water colour and fine paintbrush).
any good quality paintbrush which keeps a good point, sizes 1 or 2 for fine work and 4 or 6 for colouring in.
Water colour paint tubes or pans:
French ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, Indigo, Cadmium yellow, Lemon yellow, Scarlet lake, Burnt umber, Burnt sienna, Yellow ochre, Titanium white, Sap green.
All other equipment, including notes for students, will be supplied on the day.

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