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Ely Cathedral


15 October 2020 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Justice and Community in Christian Living

Called to Change programme 

Over the last six months our whole society has changed. The global pandemic has shown how much we human beings depend upon each other for our wellbeing.

When lockdown isolated us physically, we saw in stark ways how closely we are joined. We need each other for the basics of life (food, healthcare, shelter) and we also have profound emotional needs - for touch, presence and the blessings of community.

This autumn's programme explores our mutual dependence through a Christian frame, as a community, the Body of Christ, called to care for and about the world.

We start by looking at our joining as one Body through the Eucharist, and the challenges of our changed context upon long-established worship habits.

But we go on to explore other challenges to loving human community: the urgency of climate change, the ugly presence of racism, the cruelties on our doorstep of modern slavery and exploitative work.

Come and join us by Zoom on Thursday evenings (and one Sunday morning!) in October.

Booking is free. For the Zoom link, please e-mail Emma Jones, Mission and Learning Assistant: gro/lardehtacyle//senoj/e

Although each session is a stand-alone event, there are also other opportunities to explore if you want to go deeper.

And join us too for the livestreamed Eucharist on Modern Slavery Day, Sunday 18 October at 10.30am in Ely Cathedral, where Bishop Alastair Redfern, Chair of the Church of England's anti-slavery group The Clewer Initiative, will be preaching.
Please book your place for this Eucharist via our website from 9am on Monday 12 October: or watch online:


Thursday 15 October, 6.30pm - 7.30pm
#JTA Journeying Together Towards Antiracism

Would you like to better understand things like White privilege and take positive, practical action towards antiracism?

Join us for an interactive dialogue between Revd Nikki Mann and Zarine Jacob on themes of Race, Equity and Belonging.

Please e-mail any questions to: in advance.

Nikki is Rector of the Raddesley Group of Parishes and Ely Diocese's BAME Adviser. She is a BAME mentor and vocations adviser and champion.

Zarine is a global leadership coach whose special interests are culture, belonging and inclusiveness.

Going Deeper:

Tuesday 15, 22 & 29 September, 7pm - 8.30pm

We are delighted to offer a free, informal Zoom course on themes of Race, Equity and Belonging.

Open to all interested community members in Ely and surrounding areas.

To register your interest, please e-mail:

Join #JTA's private Facebook group for support, networking and shared learning: