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Animal Service

24 September 2023, 14:00


No booking required

Our annual Animal Service is an opportunity to give thanks for the animal companions with whom we share our lives and our planet, to bring them into our Cathedral, to ponder how best to care for animals and to ask God to bless them.

This joyful service will be led by Canon Jan Payne, and we will be joined by various organisations supporting the welfare and flourishing of animals.

There will be music from Sing! Choirs together with All in Sound's 'Sing! Together' group for people living with dementia and their carers; plus the Ely Cathedral Community Choir.

All Animals Welcome.
We are aware that some animals and pets can get over anxious. In this situation we would prefer you to bring a photograph rather than subject your pet to a stressful situation. Thank you.

All proceeds from this service will go to local animal charities.

Artwork: Sarah Lown

Watch the service live via YouTube: