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26 November 2019 7:30pm

Topping & Company Book events provide rich illumination into an author's work and help deepen the experience of reading. They are lively experiences with the emphasis on direct communication between author and audience. The talks usually last about an hour, followed by questions, and then there is an opportunity to meet the speaker and have a book signed.

David Mitchell's bestselling book Dishonesty is the Second‑Best Policy is a funny, provocative and refreshing celebration (and commiseration) of the state of things in our - not entirely glorious - modern world.

There are many aspects of modern life that trouble award-winning comedian David Mitchell: from the UKIP surge to Brexit shambles, digging up Richard III to breaking up fatbergs, from Big Society to food banks, to nuclear weapons, phone etiquette and twerking. So who better to pierce through the noise, and shed light on these peculiar times. Join us for a night of incisive, hilarious, and brilliantly observed comedy as we tour the absurdities of the present age.

For further details and tickets please visit or contact Topping & Company Booksellers on (01353) 645005 (Mon - Fri: 8.45am - 7pm, Saturday: 8.45am - 7pm, Sunday: 9am - 7pm) ku/oc/skoobgnippot//yle