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11 July 2019 1:10pm

Conductor: Jesper Grove Jørgensen


Svend S. Schultz: Midsommersang ("Song of Midsummer")

P.E. Lange-Müller: 3 Madonnasange ("3 Madonna Songs")
Ave Maris Stella
Madonna over bølgerne ("Madonna over the Waves")
Salve Regina

Bernhard Lewkovitch: 3 Motetter op. 11 ("3 Motets" op.11)

Vagn Holmboe: Sange mod vårdybet op 85 (" Songs Towards the Deep Spring" op.85)
Fest ("Celebration")
Øens kirkegård ("The Island churcheyard")
Sol og sne ("Sun and snow")
Græs ("Grass")
Høbjærgning ved havet ("Haymaking by the sea")
Forårsdag ("Spring day")

Den lyse nat("4 Danish Popular Songs of the light summer nights"):
Oluf Ring: Danmark, blunder den lyse nat ("Denmark, now sleeps the light night")
Bjørn Hjelmborg: Den lyse nat ("The light night")
Svend S. Schultz: Yndigt dufter Danmark ("The lovely cent of Denmark")
Mogens Schrader: I de lyse nætter ("In the light summer nights") (arr. By Jesper Grove Jørgensen)

Words by the conductor

Tradition. The first phrase that springs to mind in connection with any mention of Danish choral music is consciousness of tradition. It is an area which in Denmark has been developed through several centuries of practice. In the 20th century vocal music in Denmark has undergone an almost explosive development. The interest in gathering round vocal music is something we have assimilated as part of our national character. Choral music is a part of our cultural self-awareness - it is so much a matter of course for us that we do not even question it, nor do we consider that it could perhaps might be otherwise. We do not notice it until people from other countries remind us of it. All the composers in this program have been attracted by a Scandinavian sound, but at the same time they have found it both fruitful and necessary to acquaint themselves with the music central Europe. Denmark's geographical position between north and south is in the context a considerable condition for creating a cultural span between Northern nature lyricism and European, normbreaking modernisme

Svend S. Schultz: Sung of Midsummer

A song about the Danish midsummer which is always celebrated on June 23rd.

P.E. Lange-Müller: 3 Madonna Songs op. 65 (1900)

Peter Erasmus Lange-Müller was the master of intimacy in Danish Romantic music. He is known today almost exclusively for his songs (he wrote about 250), but his piano music, chamber music and choral songs too have the same original melodic appeal, handled by the best ear for harmony in the Danish music of the age. The text for the Three Madonna Songs are written by Thor Lange - a friend of Lange-Müller and a brilliant classical philologist. In the first and third of the three songs he re-creates old Latin Psalms in modern Danish language; the text of the second song is a free poem.

Bernhard Lewkovitch: 3 Motets op. 11 (1952)

Bernhard Lewkovitch is a central figure in modern Danish choral mu sic, especially sacred music. His great knowledge of Gregorian chant and Renaissance polyphony has been an important source of inspiration for his own compositions. The three Motets is from the 1950s, when Lewkovitch composed a number of motets and masses, mostly for the choir of the catholic St. Ansgar's Church in Copenhagen. The text is taken from the book of Psalms.

Vagn Holmboe: Song towards the Deep Spring op. 85 (1972)

Vagn Holmboe has a very large production of choral music behind him. He was especially interested in texts from the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Sea. In these 5 Songs to the Spring Abyss the music reflects in its special sound the rich nature of the Faroe Islands: the light, shade, dimness and frost landscapes as well as the rocks green as grass and most of all the Giant Sea ""A while is our life - but the life of the sea is eternal" (from "Haymaking by the sea").

In the light Summer night

Almost all year round people in the Nordic counties are looking forward to the summertime - especially the light summer nights. Hundreds of poems have been written about these light nigths, and many of these poems have been set to music by Danish composers. The presented 4 songs are among the most popular Danish songs and known by everybody in Denmark.

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