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29 September 2019 5pm - 6:30pm

What is justice? We use the word about making things right and fair in society, so that people may be respected, valued, having rights in themselves and responsibilities to each other. Justice in the Scriptures is one of God's qualities, and societies which strive for justice are working in his service.

But how is justice served? Our discussion series this term will focus on what 'Doing Justice' might mean in different contexts. The series will range from the national legal frameworks which work to ensure fair dealing within our nation (and which in our politically uncertain times face a particular challenge), to the campaigns for justice which might have an urgency our current systems can't accommodate.

Come and participate in discussions about what it means to 'do justice' - in politics, in government, in a time of acute climate change, in sexuality, and in what we owe to the dead. Discussions will be facilitated with Francis Spufford, acclaimed local author, and with Canon Jessica Martin.

Tickets: £7 (with free bar, available on the door or in advance)
Venue: South Transept, Ely Cathedral

Tamsin Omond
Doing Justice in Climate Emergency

Tamsin is part of Extinction Rebellion with over 10 years' experience of climate activism. She worked for Greenpeace, The Green Party, coordinated the interfaith work for 10:10 and was a founding member of Climate Rush and Plane Stupid. She occasionally writes for newspapers and has published a book (Rush! The Making of a Climate Activist). She will talk about the kind of justice which sometimes has to act outside the law.

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