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11 August 2018 10am - 4pm

'Stirling to Essen', launched last July at the IWM Duxford, tells the true story of the life of Squadron Leader Drummond Wilson and his crew, who flew with XV Squadron out of RAF Alconbury from October 1941 until the crash close to Godmanchester on the 11 April 1942.

Having located the families of nearly all the crew, and others connected with the story, I've been able to rewrite history and uncover an amazing tale of young men going to war and those they left behind. The twists and turns of luck, and the fickle finger of fate and with connections to both the Battle of Britain and the Holocaust.

Nominated for 'Book of the Year' by the Aviation Enthusiasts Book Club.

Roger will be with us to talk about his book and sign copies

A portion from each sale goes to Ely Cathedral and all other profits go to The Godmanchester Stirling fund which last year donated over £3,000 to local and national causes.

Born in Daybrook, Nottingham, in 1955, Roger Leivers eventually moved to the Cambridgeshire town of Godmanchester in 1989. Here he became involved in volunteer groups, and launched annual local historical war walks to raise money for the local museum and the upkeep of the town's war memorial. This led him to be involved with The Porch Museum, with a special interest in the effect both wars had on the town and its people.