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09 August 2018 1:10pm

Tony Scheuregger and Sarah Doig perform a recital entitled "A Merry Mood: Renaissance music for two lutes". The lute, with its multiple courses of double strings, was arguably the most important musical instrument during the European Renaissance. There was a great deal of music written for the solo lute but there are far fewer pieces written for two lutes. Although some of these duets were written as studies for teacher and pupil to play together, both parts are often technically challenging. These pieces allowed courtier or court musician to play with monarch: the lute was enthusiastically studied by both King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. Tony and Sarah are members of the early music trio, Hexachordia ( In addition to lutes, the group plays a wide range of medieval and Renaissance instruments including virginals, viols, vihuela, flutes, recorders, crumhorn, shawm, and bagpipes. Hexachordia offers a wide variety of concert and recital programmes. The trio is based in East Anglia although they perform widely across the country.

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