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11 October 2018 6:45pm - 9pm

To be a good doctor means more than just being good at medicine. Technical excellence is only part of any profession's definition of goodness. But how, in today's world, do you work out what goodness means in your profession?

Ely Cathedral Business Group have lined up fantastic panel of speakers including The Guardian journalist and founding member of The Independent Andrew Brown, senior civil servant and former infantry officer in the British Army Ed Wingfield, local HR professional Beverly Dixon, and the award winning author Francis Spufford. Under the awe inspiring octagon tower, they will discuss the rules, the responsibilities, the potential and the pitfalls of their work in an open forum facilitated by Michael Watson, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Avon cosmetics.

We'll also be joined by Mike Bushore who will discuss the challenges of programming ethical responses into robots deployed in the futures market on the trading floor. Mike Bushore is the CEO and Board Director at Tyler Capital, a London-based trading firm, focused on the systematic application of machine learning to the global financial markets. Mike is the architect of the firm's global strategy, oversees performance management for the group, assists in the product design of the machine-learning agent, and coordinates trading and operations for the firm.

Entry is free of charge and includes a glass (or two) of wine and nibbles,.so why not join us and see if we'll learn how to be good?

Ely Cathedral Business Group believes that there is a strong correlation between the health of the business sector and the wellbeing of the communities in which those businesses operate. The purpose of ECBG is to explore this relationship and to strengthen the correlation: to help businesses succeed and thereby make our communities stronger.