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Image - Andy Gotts

10 October 2017 8pm

Topping & Company Book events provide rich illumination into an author's work and help deepen the experience of reading. They are lively experiences with the emphasis on direct communication between author and audience. The talks usually last about an hour, followed by questions, and then there is an opportunity to meet the speaker and have a book signed.

Starting his comedy career as a score-keeping baby in Reeves and Mortimer's Shooting Stars, Matt Lucas has become one of the most familiar and best-loved faces on television. He has played an extraordinary array of characters on both stage and screen including, currently, The Doctor's companion Nardole, an alien from the 54th century. By turns hilarious, heart-warming and moving, My Life A-Z tells his story - in characteristically loopy style! Undoubtedly a highlight of our Autumn Festival, Matt will bring his unique take on life to the glorious setting of Ely Cathedral.

For further details and tickets please visit or contact Topping & Company Booksellers on (01353) 645005 (Mon - Fri: 8.45am - 7pm, Saturday: 8.45am - 7pm, Sunday: 9am - 7pm) ku/oc/skoobgnippot//yle