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07 September 2017 1:10pm

Ely Cathedral is all set to host the well anticipated piano recital by Germano-Swiss Pianist, Katharina Nohl. Katharina's musical passions lie with researching and reinvigorating oft-forgotten classics as well as adding fresh twists to lesser known pieces.

For Katharina, 2016/17 has been an exciting time for composition, arrangements and the amalgamation of contemporary with the historic. In this vain, Katharina has gifted her current home town of Schaffhausen in Switzerland, with the beautiful piano 4 hand composition "Munotglöcklein", which is based on a local folk song and is performed with her eldest daughter Eliana.

Katharina is passionate about combining family, musical arts and creative learning. This is no more apparent than with her latest recorded album "Creating Childhood", a family project composed and played, in part, by her two daughters, Eliana and Amalia, thereby affording them opportunities to explore the world of musical performance and recording.

Her recent works also include compositions such as "In Memory - dedicated to a friend", "Germanic Tribal Dance" and "Üsküdar'a gider iken" - an arrangement based on Fazil Say's Violine Sonata "1001 nights in the Harem".

In anticipation of this event Katharina has said "I am thrilled to be playing at one of the original seven wonders of the world and to be returning to the UK which was my student home many years ago."

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