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16 May 2019 1pm - 3pm

There are already four generations in the workplace, and soon to be five. 'They' say that Gen Y are flighty and that the older generations make more mistakes. 'They' call Generation Y the 'me, me, me' generation yet Time magazine thinks they will change the world. What are the generations, what are their differences, how do they view work, what do they each value in work?

Pulling on the latest research and background information, this seminar considers all of these factors and more. Looking at the different behavioural traits of each, together with the political, cultural and technological factors that impacted each, we will consider where their strengths lie, the respective value propositions to drive motivation and potential areas of inter-generational conflict.

'How many times have you left a seminar thinking you could have done something much more productive? This will be the best time you can spend if you want to know what makes your colleagues tick. As a babyboomer managing a young team, this seminar helped me to understand the motivation, the values and the beliefs of my team and I raved about this presentation for months afterwards. I retired at the end of January and this is by far the best presentation I have ever seen (and I've seen a few over the last 40 years...)'
Sue Harris - ex-CRA manager, Novartis

'What a talented speaker! This seminar really opened my eyes to the diversity of mindset within the workplace. Learning about the different generations and what makes them tick was really thought provoking. One size definitely does not fit all.'
Feedback from a Generation Z attendee

Russell Beck

Internationally acknowledged as a thought leader in Talent Management, Russell brings an unrivalled level of passion and insight to everything he does. Highly insightful and with an unrivalled depth of experience across industries and geographies, Russell thinks differently, challenges norms and envisages better ways of working. A charismatic and inspirational public speaker Russell considers wide-ranging issues impacting the world of Talent and has worked extensively considering the future of work, employee engagement, performance management, employer branding, why it is so hard to hire good people, the challenges and opportunities of managing a multi-generational workforce and the best colour to paint your office walls to make your employees more productive. To each he brings a depth of insight, knowledge and thought provoking challenge to help business better manage their most important asset, their people. He works with the senior leadership teams of companies of all sizes from Fortune500 and FTSE100 to SMEs.

'Russell is an exceptional speaker and the topics he presents are well chosen i.e. current and relevant. I really cannot suggest or provide additional ideas as what he presents is perfect and after leaving the event always feel motivated.'

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